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Why dental health check-ups are so important

Hannah Johnson - Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A regular dental check-up is important. These check-ups help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should have a regular dental visit every 6 months or as recommended by your dental professional. There are two main parts to a regular dental visit. They include your check-up and the cleaning. At the dental check-up, your dental professional will check for cavities. If needed, X-rays may be taken to detect cavities between the teeth. Your dentist will also check for plaque build up and tartar on your teeth.

If plaque is not removed, it can harden becoming tartar. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing your teeth. If not cleaned and treated, they can cause oral diseases. During this process of your visit, there will be a lot of scraping and poking around your gum line. So if this is a part you don’t love too much, the tip is to brush & floss really well in between your visits.

Next is the cleaning which is done by a gritty toothpaste that will taste and smell just like regular minty paste you use at home. This will help ensure your teeth have cleaned away all the tartar and plaque as well as give your teeth the best clean they have seen in 6 months. Your hygienist uses a high-powered electric brush to apply the toothpaste. It sounds loud and scary, but it doesn’t hurt and actually can feel soothing as the brush vibrates over your teeth.

Once your teeth have been polished, your hygienist will begin flossing. Hopefully you’ve been taking care of this at home everyday so that she isn’t finding an overabundance of gunk in between your teeth. If you have a permanent retainer(s) along the inside of your teeth, she will use a special threading tool to get in between those teeth that are most likely neglected most due to the difficulty getting to them properly.

Then lastly, you have the option to receive a fluoride treatment. Because our Lafayette, Louisiana water does not naturally have fluoride in it like most other cities in our country, this a mineral your teeth are missing out on that is an important component to your overall dental health. Fluoride protects your enamel and helps them to naturally fight cavities for months after your treatment. This treatment involves a foamy wash placed in a mouthpiece tray that will be held over your teeth for a minute. Following that step, a fluoride varnish is painted onto your teeth to seal it on and it’s harden when coming into contact with saliva. The best part is that you are good to eat and drink once you are done!

If you are interested in a fluoride treatment at your next visit with us, ask your hygienist!



Teeth Whitening: Does it work and is it safe?

Hannah Johnson - Thursday, November 08, 2018

Teeth Whitening is sometimes a controversial topic when it comes to oral healthcare. It is a very popular service that is offered by many dentists, cosmetic dentists, and other professionals. Some people believe that it can be damaging if done incorrectly.

Teeth Whitening can also be offered by those who are non-professionals and those who are not qualified to perform the treatment. If searched on the internet, it is difficult to take a side due to the controversy. Is it bad? Is it safe? Does it work?

The answers vary. There are two components that come into play when deciding if it is safe for your teeth (especially your enamel). The first component you need to look at is how you are receiving that treatment. The second component is how often you are utilizing that service.

DIY Home Kits

The first component consists of either using DIY “home” kits or receiving professional treatment. Although, many DIY kits have great reviews online, the reality is that most of those products are dangerous for your teeth and are not tested the proper way. These kits can also be dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced user, especially is the product does not work as it should.

Professional Whitening

The other option is professional treatment from a dental expert that is qualified and experienced in dealing with whitening of the teeth. Be sure to get this done by a professional. This is a very safe option because when dealing with a dental expert, they can walk you through everything the process entails. This approach is completely safe as opposed to a DIY home kit. If you stay within the realm of professionals and follow their guidelines and “after-care” instructions, you will be smiling bright!



Whether you choose the DIY kit or the much safer option of professional treatment, knowing how often to whiten your teeth is just as important and crucial. Teeth are more sensitive than people realize and if you over-whiten, you can severely damage your teeth. A professional will always warn you about over-whitening your teeth and will not allow you to get treated too often. Some signs to think about include extreme sensitivity in your teeth including while brushing or eating hot/cold foods. With this said, it is normal to have slight sensitivity after whitening.

Does it work? Is it Safe?

As long as you are getting your dental whitening done by a trained professional, teeth whitening is a wonderful way to have bright, shiny teeth and enhance your smile. Whitening definitely works! Being familiar with the risks of DIY kits and over-whitening can eliminate the controversy about teeth whitening.

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