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Holiday Have Nots

Holly Klock - Friday, December 08, 2017 - 

It’s Christmas time again - Candy Canes, Champagne, and Chocolate. OH MY! We know how easy it is to get out of a routine around this time, snacking on a little bit more sweets, and not remembering to brush twice a day. We urge you to follow these 4 tips to help keep your smile healthy and bright during the busy, party-filled season!

Don’t Chip your Holiday Spirit

Be cautious of hard candies like peanut brittle, candy canes, peppermint bark. If you chip your tooth, the dentist’s office may not be open until after Christmas. Instead, satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit or a tall glass of delicious egg nog.

Track the Sugar

Make sure you’re keeping track of how much sugar you’re munching on and your intake of sodas or sugary drinks. It would be smart to keep healthy snacks on hand like vegetables, protein bars and cheese (Yay, calcium for strong teeth!) to keep you full, healthy & happy. This will avoid over-snacking on holiday sweets.

Stain Away!

Keep your holiday smile white and bright this winter by limiting how much wine you’ll be drinking. The acidity levels in wine (both red and white) can eat away at your tooth’s enamel. Your tooth enamel plays a big part in protecting against cavities and decay. Try to limit your wine intake, avoid swishing it around in your mouth and don’t forget to drink water between beverages to rinse your teeth of the acid.

Stay Mindful

Remember to brush thoroughly and often – Don’t get so caught up in all the parties and get-togethers that you forget to take care of your teeth. Keep your routine constant... brush two minutes, twice a day and remember to floss! Also, if you have an appointment with your dentist around this time, mark it down in your calendar and set a reminder on your phone to make sure you don’t forget.


Around this time of the year, it’s easy to let the mundane daily routines slip by with all of the festivities we’re involved in. But if you keep these 4 tips in mind, your smile is sure to shine white and bright during the Holidays and into the New Year!

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